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"White man he think he got control
       -you gonna dig that hole..."


Mal Hombre

Think Rage Against the Machine and Queens of the Stone Age all in one Tarantino-flick.

Mal Hombre's Industrial Desert Rock is dominated by uncompromising aggression and fragile ballads floating among Alt & Indie Rock, Film Music, Darkwave Synths and Folklore.


By creating this interdisciplinary debut album Leche Negra -to be published Feb 2022- the artist demonstrates his social backbone and takes a strong socio-cultural stance – in doing so he has the confidence to address the most recent and delicate topics of our time and puts them into a historical perspective by processing texts of the poem volume "Poppy and Memory" by the lyricist Paul Celan, including the

Death Fugue.

Mal Hombre Chair
Anker 1


Publishing the music video epos “Dig that hole” on March 17 2021 paves the way into the cineastic Mal Hombre – cosmos; an entire series of music videos with actions and characters often closely intertwined and masterfully directed – right along the lines of Quentin Tarantino. Snowy westerns, mountain fortresses and wartime hide-outs in the Dolomites as well as the murder of George Floyd are all part of these sometimes unsettling, yet never hopeless images.

Raising awareness and contemplation to spread empathy and benevolence are the defined goals of Mal Hombre’s works of art which hover between festivals, street guerilla, clubs and public readings.

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